kapron tablets & ampoules

Composition Each tablet or 5 ml ampoule contains: 500 mg Tranexamic acid. Clinical pharmacology Kapron® (Tranexamic acid) is an antifibrinolytic drug, acting by competitively inhibiting the activation of plasminogen to plasmin. Kapron® stabilizes the fibrin structures, as defective fibrin formation or excessive rapid dissolution of fibrin results n excessive or recurrent bleeding, and that is through …

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Haemostop ® [ethmsylate] – Haemostatic

Composition Each 2 ml ampoule contains ethamsylate 250 mg Each tablet contains ethamsylate 250 mg Properties Ethamsylate (Haemostop®) is a non-hormonal synthetic anti-haemorrhagic agent, for improving the platelet adhesiveness and maintaining the stability of capillary wall. Ethamsylate (Haemostop®) reduces rapidlyand substantially the bleeding time (40-45% after the first half-hour). Its effect remains at a therapeutic …

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Haemokion ®[vitamin K1] – Antihemorrhagic

Composition Each 1 ml ampoule contains: Phytomenadione 10 mg. Each tablet contains: Phytomenadione 10 mg Properties Haemokion® (Phytomenadione) is a lipid soluble synthetic analogue of vitamin k1 having the same type and degree of activity as the naturally occurring vitamin k1. Haemokion® is necessary for the synthesis of blood coagulation factors II, VII, IX and …

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