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Digital content production is our main mission. At Pharmacia, we write, develop, edit and publish content for a variety of digital platforms, including websites, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns and social media posts. We specialize in the production of medical content in MENA region. Our goal is to provide purposeful, high-quality content.

Pharmacia Platforms

We own a group of blogs and websites, and we manage a group of social networking pages, and through these platforms we publish our content:

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Pharmacia’s platforms provide information designed to help you better understand some of the concerns and choices you can face when you receive health care, health care, and health advice. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts after reading or viewing the content of Pharmacia, you should share them with your medical provider.

We are particularly interested in providing information to pharmacists and pharmacists’ assistants in MENA region, because the wide geographical spread of pharmacies makes them a quick means for consultations. We at Pharmacia appreciate the important role of pharmacists in providing technical advice and guiding different groups of society for the optimal use of treatment.

Our mission in Pharmacia is to explain medical topics in a clear and objective way, in which we are committed to honesty without exaggeration or underestimation, while avoiding tampering and complication. Pharmacia’s letter is primarily aimed at the non profession reader, however members of the medical profession may find Pharmacia topics of interest to them.

Pharmacily, an online blog dedicated to simplifying medical and pharmaceutical information. Pharmacily offers a range of articles on medicines, medical conditions, cosmetics, and medical supplies.

Services and Finance

Our primary work is a digital content industry by producing articles, publications, media files or videos, which can be used by companies or individuals to sell services, products, promotion, or increase brand awareness and so on.

Funding for Pharmacia is mainly done through advertising revenue presented through Google Adsense as an intermediary between Pharmacia and the advertisers. We are in Pharmacia committed to the privacy of users, and we do not collect any data on them, and do not release visitors’ data to any ad agancy or any other body.

Contact Us

  • contact us page.
  • info@pharmacia1.com
  • Whatsapp Texting 002 0106 128 2386.
  • El-Bostan Road, District 16, Nearby Mazar Mall, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate, Egypt.

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