Folifer tablets

Folifer is a medicine commonly prescribed for the treatment or prevention of iron deficiency anemia, in cases of: blood loss of various origin (menstruation, bleeding, surgeries), malnutrition, in puberty, during pregnancy.


Target groups for treatment with Folifer include:

Women during pregnancy and lactation for the prevention or treatment of iron deficiency anemia, which is common during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Women after childbirth or abortion to compensate for the iron deficiency caused by excessive bleeding during childbirth or abortion.

Women who suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding or any other bleeding disorders, as this category of women is more likely to develop iron anaemia.

People with or at high risk of developing low hemoglobin levels in the blood or when ferritin levels (iron stores in the body) are low.

Vegetarians, as they are more likely to develop iron deficiency anemia.

People who suffer from chronic diseases that cause a decline in iron absorption or a decrease in hemoglobin production, such as patients with hypothyroidism, patients with dialysis.

People who take certain anti-tumor medications may develop anemia as a side effect of these medications.

This medicine may also be prescribed for people who suffer from increased hair loss, brittle nails, or other symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

People who have experienced heavy blood loss, especially after accidents or major surgeries, and during recovery periods from these events.

People who suffer from diseases or disorders that prevent them from absorbing iron from food, or those who suffer from malnutrition.

Folifer dosage

The usual dose of Folifer is: one capsule once daily, sometimes, in severe cases of iron deficiency, the dose may be increased to one capsule twice daily.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to take the dose of Folifer on an empty stomach: In order to achieve the greatest benefit for your body from Folifer, it is best to take the pills on an empty stomach, that is, before eating, with a glass of water or orange juice, which contains vitamin C, to help absorb the iron present in Folifer.

Folifer may sometimes cause stomach pain, and sometimes constipation or diarrhoea. If you are experiencing some uncomfortable side effects from taking iron, you can try taking Folifer right after meals instead of on an empty stomach.

Avoid drinking tea and coffee within an hour of a dose of Folifer: Do not drink coffee or tea at the same time when you take a dose of Folifer, as coffee and tea prevent the body from absorbing the iron in the medicine, and you must wait at least one hour after taking a dose of Folifer and then drink tea or coffee.

Avoid taking calcium with Folifer: Do not take Folifer with calcium. You should avoid eating dairy products (milk, yogurt, and cheese), taking calcium pills, or antacids containing calcium within about an hour of taking Folifer. Calcium does not help the body absorb iron.

Duration of treatment for iron deficiency: You need about two to three months of using Folifer until iron deficiency anemia is treated or corrected, but the doctor will ask you to continue taking Folifer for a longer period until the iron stores in the body are replaced.

Dark stool is not dangerous: It is normal, during the course of treatment with Folifer, to notice that the stool has dark spots, and this is not dangerous and does not require any care or attention.

Keep Folifer out of reach of children: Make sure that iron supplements, including Folifer, are kept out of the reach of children, as iron can cause poisoning in children.

When does Folifer start to work: You will notice positive effects of this medicine on your health after regular use for two weeks, but you must continue to take Folifer for the full time that your doctor has told you, even if you feel better. Your doctor will ask you to stop taking this medicine, when he or she is sure that your iron and ferritin levels are back to normal.

If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember as long as it is still far from time for the next dose. But if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and do not take it, and take your next dose on time.

Iron anemia during pregnancy: If you are diagnosed with anemia during pregnancy, your doctor will prescribe iron pills for you, and the dosage depends on your condition.

folifer tablets
folifer tablets

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