Misr Company leads the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry since its establishment in 1939 (by the Great Egyptian Economist Talaat Harb). In 1956, Al-Matareya Factory was established depending on the
development and leadership in production lines and products to serve the local community and export to several countries.

Misr Company built the New Factory in Abu Zabal in order to fit the new stage of GMB to serve the local and global Drug Market and to cope with the rapid worldwide evolution. The company offers aUnique Beta-lactam factory, The factory contributes to the Local pharmaceutical market with many products as Lastipen, Penicillin & Durapen.

Misr Pharmaceuticals – Contact Information

  • address: Belbeis desert road After the fee station 4 kilos Khanka – Post number Abu Zaabal No. 13 – Qaliubiya
  • Contact Number : (+202) 49210306
  • Fax: (+202) 49210302
  • Email Address : misr@misr-pharma.com

Misr Pharmaceuticals Product Catalog.pdf – Download Link

Product List

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