SEDICO- South Egypt Pharmaceutical Industries Company

SEDICO( South Egypt Pharmaceutical Industries Company), is a local Egyptian pharmaceutical company. Some of SEDICO products are available in a number of Arab countries: Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq and Libya. The company’s products are also available in the following Gulf countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain. Also, some of the company’s products are available in some African countries: Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Gambia, Tanzania, and Kenya. According to its official website, the company’s sales reach more than one billion Egyptian pounds annually.


  • Address: 1st Industrial Zone – 6th of October City – Giza Governorate – Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Company phone number: 38200575, 38200578, 38200879, 38200696.
  • Company Fax: 38200293.

Note: To call from inside Egypt or from mobile devices inside Egypt, the number (02) (Giza Governorate code) must be placed before the previously mentioned numbers. For calls from outside Egypt the number (00202) must be placed before the previously mentioned numbers (country code 002/ Governorate code 02 ). Related links: SEDICO( Arabic content).

SEDICO – Giza office

  • address: 12 Corniche El- Maadi, Giza.
  • Tel: 0225244348, 0225242215.
  • Fax: 0225244346.
  • Email:

SEDICO – Delta Office

  • Address: The extension of Jehan Street, from Ali Maher Street – Mansoura Governorate.
  • Tel : 0502373803, 0502267411.
  • Email:

SEDICO – Upper Egypt Office

  • 37 Adnan Al-Maliki Street – Ard Al-Sultan – Minya Governorate.
  • Tel: 086338687.
  • Email:

SEDICO – Heliopolis office

  • 112 B Ammar Bin Yasser Street – Heliopolis.
  • T: 0226215871, 0226215872.
  • Fax: 0226200022.
  • Email:

SEDICO – Alexandria office

  • 21 Victoria Square – Alexandria Governorate.
  • Tel: 034254434.
  • Email:

SEDICO- Pharmaceutical Products

Diosed C 500mg tablets.

VISCERALGINE 5 mg/ 2 ml ampoules for I.M or I.V.

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