Ramepharma Company (LLC)- Rameda Subsidiary

Ramepharma Company  is a limited liability company. Ramepharma Company (LLC) one of the subsidiary companies emanating from Rameda (Tenth of Ramadan Pharmaceutical Industries). Rameda is engaged in:

  • Production, marketing, sale and storage of pharmaceutical reagents for human and veterinary use.
  • Production, marketing, sale and storage of diagnostic reagents for individuals, laboratories and hospitals.
  • Importing pharmaceutical reagents and raw materials needed to serve the company’s purposes without trade.
  • Production of pharmaceutical reagents for human, veterinary and diagnostic uses for others and with others.
  • Production of nutritional supplements for human use for others and with others.

Rameda Pharmaceuticals- contact information

Website: https://ramedapharma.com/.

Rameda – manufacturing facility

  • Second Industrial Zone, Plot No. 5, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.
  • Phone: 00202 3820 2766.
  • Phone: 00202 3820 2948.
  • Phone: 00202 3820 2910.
  • Email: info@rameda.com.

Rameda – Scientific Office

  • 8 Geziret Al Arab Street, Floor No. 23, Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt.
  • Phone: 00202 3761 3074.
  • Phone: 00202 3761 3078.
  • Phone: 00202 3761 3018.
rameda pharmaceuticals
rameda pharmaceuticals

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