Your Guide to AUDAX Ear Drops

If you’ve been prescribed AUDAX Ear Drops, this guide is here to explain everything you need to know in simple terms. We’ll discuss what’s in these drops, why they are used, how to use them, and important precautions.

Understanding AUDAX Ear Drops

AUDAX Ear Drops are a solution designed to bring relief to ear-related discomfort. Let’s break down the key information in a way that’s easy to understand.

What’s Inside?

Each 1 ml of AUDAX Ear Drops contains:

  • Choline salicylate solution (432 mg): Provides quick and prolonged pain relief.
  • Glycerol (126 mg): Aids in the effectiveness of the drops.

How AUDAX Ear Drops Work

The drops have a low surface tension, ensuring they quickly reach the affected area in your ear. Choline salicylate, a key ingredient, brings rapid and lasting pain relief. These drops maintain a pH similar to your ear, avoiding irritation. Importantly, they eliminate the need for oral pain relievers.

Uses of AUDAX Ear Drops

These drops are used for:

  • Quick relief from pain in acute or chronic otitis media and otitis externa.
  • Alleviating itching, inflammation, and pain from boils and furuncles in the ear canal.

How to Use AUDAX Ear Drops

  1. Tilt your head with the affected ear up.
  2. Fill the ear canal with the drops using the provided dropper.
  3. If a cotton wool plug or wick is used, keep it moist with the drops.
  4. Repeat every 3 to 4 hours until relief. Consult your doctor if pain persists after 24 hours.

Precautions and Storage

  • Do not use if you are sensitive to salicylates.
  • If your ear infection requires antibiotics, these drops are used as an additional therapy.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

Practical Tips for Your Journey

  • Consistency is Key: Follow the prescribed dosage consistently.
  • Moisture Matters: If a wick is used, keep it moist with the drops.
  • Timely Consultation: If pain persists, consult your doctor after 24 hours.


Understanding AUDAX Ear Drops is your first step toward relief. Follow these guidelines, report any concerns to your doctor, and let the healing begin. AUDAX Ear Drops are here to make your ear discomfort a thing of the past!

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