Wadi El Neel Benta

Wadi El Neel Benta Company, (WNB ) is an Egyptian pharmaceutical production company located in Tenth of Ramadan City – Sharkia Governorate. WNB has two big sister companies operating under the umbrella of the Egyptian Company for Investment Projects (ECIP):

  • Nile Valley Hospital.
  • Nile Valley Health Insurance.

Wadi El Neel Benta – contact information

  • Address: Industrial Zone 5A, No. 64, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt.
  • Phone: 0020 554 410 901.
  • Phone: 0020 554 410 902.
  • Phone: 0020 554 410 903.
  • Phone: 0020 554 410 905.
  • Email: info@wnb-eg.com.
  • Website: https://www.wnb-eg.com/index.html.
  • Wadi El Neel Benta Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wnbeg/.

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