United Pharma- partners for better health

United Pharma , is a Canadian company that specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Some of United Pharma products are available in some Arab countries.

United Pharma – contact information

  • Phone: + 1 647 347 3376.
  • Phone: + 1 647 349 3376.
  • Email: info@unitedpharma.ca.
  • Website: https://www.unitedpharma.ca/contact/

Agents of United Pharma in Syria

United Pharma’s exclusive agents in the Syrian governorates:

  • Pharma Store (Damascus – Daraa – Quneitra): 0115443394.
  • Lana Pharma drug store (Aleppo): 0212245253.
  • Al Mimas drug store (Homs): 0312131329.
  • Al-Shafqa drug store (Hama): 0332216622.
  • Al-Mahaba Drug Store (Tartous): 0432225091.
  • Al-Razi Drug Store (Lattakia): 041461697.
  • Al-Jazirah Drug Store (Al-Hasakah): 052426417.

United Pharma – Pharmaceuticals Products

Davon 500 mg oral tablets

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