Androgens and estrogens

Cidotestone For intramuscular injection

Composition : Cidoteston 100 mg : Each ampoule 1 ml ( oily solution ) contains: 110 mg Testosterone Enanthate. 25 mg Testosterone Propionate. Cidotestone 250 mg: Each ampoule 1 ml ( oily solution ) contains : 250 mg Testosterone Enanthate. Pharmacological action Testosterone is an active androgen for I M. injection. It possesses the properties …

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Testonon 250 mg/ml Ampoules

Name of The Medicinal Product: Testonon 250 mg/ml solution for injection. Qualitative and Quantitative Composition: Testosterone propionate BP 30 mg/ml . Testosterone phenylpropionate BP 60 mg/ml. Testosterone isocaproate BP 60 mg/ml. Testosterone decanoate BP 100 mg/ ml. (eq to a total of 176 mg of testosterone). Adminstration: Deep intramuscular injection. Therapeutic Indications Testosterone replacement therapy …

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