Digenorm Syrup – Digestant & Appetizer

Digenorm Syrup is a well balanced, alcohol-free, sugar-free and sodium-free combination of specific digestive enzymes that effectively promote complete digestion of dietary proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers. Composition Each 5 ml contains: 80 mg Papain 6000 IU,8 mg Pepsin (1:15000), 12 mg Sanzyme (SP 3500). Papain and pepsin are two proteolytic enzymes which affect hydrolysis …

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Carnivita – Levocarnitine 30% Oral Solution

Levocarnitine is present as a natural constituent in animal tissues, micro-organisms and plants. In man the physiological metabolic requirements are met both by the consumption of food containing carnitine and the endogenous synthesis in the liver and kidneys from lysine with methionine serving as the methyl donor. Only the L-isomer is biologically active, playing an …

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Saboctic Tablets 300/ 600 mg – Thioctic Acid

Pharmacological Action Saboctic is a potent antioxidant alpha lipoic acid which is converted after its absorption to its reduced form, dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA) in many tissues of the body. DHLA is capable of regenerating ascorbic acid from dihydroascorbic acid, directly regenerating vitamin C and indirectly regenerating vitamin E. A lpha lipoic acid also increases intracellular …

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