Support and Resources for Cancer Patients in Egypt

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but knowing that there is a network of support and resources available can significantly ease the journey. In Egypt, various organizations and institutions are dedicated to providing assistance, guidance, and care for cancer patients. This blog post explores the diverse support mechanisms and resources accessible to those navigating the challenges of cancer in Egypt.

Charitable Organizations Offering Support

1. جمعية اصدقاء المبادرة القومية ضد السرطان (Friends of the National Cancer Initiative Association)

Established in 1998, this non-profit organization focuses on improving the level of care for cancer patients in Egypt. Their mission includes facilitating access to diagnosis and treatment by trained specialists, as well as coordinating with the medical team to meet the diverse needs of cancer patients and their families.

2. المؤسسة المصرية لمكافحة سرطان الثدى (Egyptian Foundation for Breast Cancer)

A non-governmental organization, this foundation aims to preserve breast health through health and awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and necessary studies and research. Additionally, they facilitate diagnostic and treatment services, supporting women from all social strata.

3. الجمعية المصرية لدعم مرضى السرطان (Egyptian Association for Cancer Patient Support)

This association focuses on providing advice, awareness, and support for cancer patients. By raising awareness of patients’ needs and the challenges they face, the organization mobilizes community and medical support for a holistic approach to cancer care.

4. واحة الصحة والامل (Oasis of Health and Hope)

Affiliated with the Friends of Children with Cancer Association, this center serves as a healing and support hub for children with cancer and their families. Located in Wadi El Natrun, it provides a safe space with clean air, balanced nutrition, and recreational activities for children undergoing cancer treatment.

5. جمعية عطاء السماء لرعاية مرضى السرطان والتنمية الشاملة (Sky’s Giving Association for Cancer Patient Care and Comprehensive Development)

Specializing in the care of cancer patients and their families, this association aims to support cancer warriors through various means and resources.

Healthcare Institutions Providing Free Cancer Treatment

1. مؤسسة بهية للكشف المبكر عن السرطان (Baheya Foundation for Early Cancer Detection)

Baheya is a non-profit organization that offers free treatment to women suffering from breast cancer. Their services range from early detection to all stages of treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, psychological support, nutritional therapy, and palliative care.

2. مستشفى 57357 (Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357)

57357 is a charitable foundation that focuses on diagnosing and treating children with various malignant tumors. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of services, including pain clinics, cardiac care, dental and ophthalmological clinics, psychological services, nutritional therapy, social services, and an educational program for children undergoing treatment.

3. مستشفى شفاء الأورمان بالصعيد (Shafa’a Al Orman Hospital in Upper Egypt)

This charitable institution is dedicated to providing free cancer treatment to patients in Luxor and neighboring provinces. It was established with the goal of offering medical care to those who were previously underserved, emphasizing the importance of providing cancer treatment to the less fortunate.

4. المعهد القومي للأورام (National Cancer Institute)

Affiliated with Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine, this institute was established in 1969 as a comprehensive hospital for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring all types of tumors across all age groups. Annually serving approximately 200,000 patients, the institute plays a crucial role in cancer care in Egypt.


Cancer patients in Egypt are not alone in their journey. A network of dedicated organizations and healthcare institutions is committed to providing crucial support, from awareness and early detection to comprehensive treatment and post-treatment care. By harnessing the power of community support and medical expertise, these entities contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients and their families in Egypt. Remember, support is available, and there is hope on the path to recovery.