Salethan Cream- anti-rheumatic and pain reliever

Salethan Cream indicated for:

  • Rheumatism ( articular and non – articular ).
  • Acute and chronic arthritis.
  • Lumbago, Sciatica and back pain.


A little amount of the cream is spread on the painful part and rubbed gently until complete absorption. Repeat application and rubbing daily as long as pains persist in articular pains it is advisable to cover the affected parts, after application with Salethan, with a cotton wool – bandage.


Rheumatic affections are characterised by their localisation in the articular regions and also in certain fibromuscular regions, where they provoke severe or light , but always persistent pains. These affections reduce the activity of the patient and have a bad influence on his well – being.

For the treatment of these pains, medicine has at its disposal the salicylate products, administered either orally, parenterally, or by local application in the form of ointments or creams used by gentle rubbing on the affected parts.

A new salicylate product introduced recently has already proved in great effects which is Diethylamine Salicylate. It is easily absorbed, colourless, odourless and soluble in water having thus all the advantages of a more practical use Salethan, whose main ingredient is Diethylamine Salicylate possesses therefore the mentioned qualities. It contains in addition Chlorbutol and Menthol that add to its antirheumatic action their analgesic and mild sedative effect.

As a non-greasy, lightly perfumed. easily absorbable cream Salethan represents the ideal antirheumatic preparation for local application.


Each 100 g contains:

  • Diethylamine Salicylate 12.00 gram.
  • Chlorbutol 0.50 gram.
  • Menthol 0.10 gram.
  • Hydrophilic Base, Perfumed  ad 100.00 gram.


Compressible tubes of 30 g, Store at room temperature.

Salethan- Information Leaflet

Salethan -EN Patient Information Leaflet
AR- Patient_Information_Leaflet
Salethan- AR Patient Information Leaflet

Salethan- Arabic Information

-- Arabic Information
Salethan – Arabic Information

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