RefectoCil for Coloring Eyebrows

It is widely known, that the Brands for Hair Coloring Creams always recommend to their customer, not to use them for coloring eyebrows, as they might cause damages, due to high percentage of Ammonia and Oxygen Cream.

Now, coloring your eyebrows easily and safely is possible by using RefectoCil, an excellent coloring product, specially for coloring eyebrows in a perfect and safe way to get the natural shades with white hair covering, along with color persistence, which could last up to (6) weeks.

Choose a shade matching with your Hair color, from RefectoCil eyebrows’ color line. RefectoCil is a better, and favorite alternative, instead of the usual hair colors, as it contains less Ammonia and Oxygen in addition to the high thickness virtually, which is safer to the eyes and eyebrows area. It is also easy to prepare and mix, as each packaging includes color and oxygen. All what is required from you, is to blend them together and start coloring your eyebrows.

RefectoCil for Coloring Eyebrows
RefectoCil for Coloring Eyebrows


  • Clean our eyebrows by using a non – oil, make-up remover.
  • Dry your eyebrows perfectly, and blend entire content of the coloring crème, with oxygen crème.
  • Spread the mixture over your eyebrows, and leave them for (10 to 15) minutes.
  • Clean your eyebrows by using wet with hot water cotton.
  • Enjoy a shiny/ natural eyebrows color.

RefectoCil- Information Leaflet

RefectoCil -EN Patient Information Leaflet