Radiologists and Radiology Centers in Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

In the realm of healthcare, the field of radiology plays a pivotal role in diagnosis and treatment. Tanta, situated in the Gharbia Governorate of Egypt, boasts a multitude of proficient radiologists and advanced radiology centers. This blog post aims to provide accurate and essential information about the contact details and locations of these medical professionals and facilities.

Contact Information Guidelines

Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines for contacting these entities. For calls within the Gharbia Governorate, residents should prefix the phone numbers with the area code (040). When making calls from outside the governorate or using mobile phones, the prefix (002040) should precede the phone numbers. Similarly, for international calls, the number (002040) is added before the local phone numbers.

Radiology Contacts in Tanta

The following table presents a comprehensive list of radiologists and radiology centers in Tanta:

TelephoneClinic AddressDoctor’s Name
3346585Tanta, Sh. Darb Al-Abshihi, Building Hassan Al-SheikhDr. Mohamed Abbas Ouda
3340832Tanta, Sh. Al-Madaris, Above Al-Sharif ExhibitionsHisham Mohamed Helmy Noh
3355494Midan Al-Mahatta, Building Tower Al-Mahatta, 3rd FloorAl-Mallah Radiology Center
2736340Sh. Al-Madaris / BasyounAbdel-Moneim Mustafa Mahmoud
3359727Tanta, 11 Sh. Hamed Salah, Intersection Abdul HalimAbdel-Moneim Naaman Drouweesh
2581557Kafr El-Zayat, Sh. Youssef Al-Sabai, Behind Sayedla Al-Deen PharmacyKhaled Al-Shafai
2583503Kafr El-Zayat, Sh. Al-Souk, Near Al-Qaai MosqueMohamed Al-Jazra
2224036Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra, Midan Al-MahattaMahalla Radiology Center
3345825Tanta, 6 Sh. Taha Al-HakimRazeek Radiology Center
3307627Tanta, 211 Sh. Al-Gaysh (Al-Bahr), In Front of the University HospitalAl-Abbas Hospital Company (Al-Abbas Residents)
330000575 Sh. Al-Gaysh, TantaAl-Safa Bone Measurement Center
3354535Sh. Al-Bahr, Intersection Al-Fateh, TantaAl-Fayrouz Radiology Center
340725430 Sh. Darb Al-Athar, TantaMervat Fayid Dessouki
3349013Tanta, Last Sh. Al-NadyTanta Residents
341428635 Sh. Al-Nady, In Front of Tanta ClubConsulting Radiology Center
335762611 Sh. Taha Al-Hakim, Intersection Aziz FahmiOsama Al-Bahrawi
3406510Tanta, Sh. Al-Madiriya, In Front of Yanbu for TourismMaher Hussein Al-Ebiari

Other Medical Professionals in Tanta

Apart from radiologists, Tanta hosts a diverse array of medical professionals and specialized facilities. For more information, readers can explore the following links:

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Tanta, with its rich medical landscape, stands as a hub for quality healthcare services. This compilation of radiologists and radiology centers, coupled with information on other medical professionals, aims to assist residents and visitors in accessing accurate and reliable healthcare in the Gharbia Governorate. For any discrepancies or necessary updates, individuals are encouraged to contact us.