Polar Frost – Pain Relieving Cold Gel

Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel is a natural painkiller. Specially formulated to provide soothing relief for soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness. Polar Frost is safe for animal use for pain relieving especially horses & dogs.

Polar Frost main ingredients are Menthol, Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera which have an anti-inflammatory effect and keep the skin smooth and moist throughout treatment.

Polar Frost relieves

  • Soft tissue, acute and chronic aches and pains.
  • Neck, shoulder and low back pains – Stressed muscles and tension.
  • Strains, sprains and ruptures.
  • Lumbago & Ischias – Arthritis related inflammation.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Relieves effectively the irritation of mosquito bites.
  • Works synergistically as a mediator gel with ultrasond physiotherapy to increase the efficiency and prevents skin irritation.
  • Safe for animal use for pain relieving purpose especially for horses and dogs.
Polar Frost gel
Polar Frost gel

How Polar Frost Works

Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel decreases the skin temperature by (5 Celsius) for 2-4 hours, without dangers of counter reactions or frostbites. The Aloe Vera effectively seals in the menthol, giving longer pain relief.

How To Apply

  • You apply the first layer then wait for 5 minutes and then reapply again to the same area.
  • As this product is 100% natural, it can be applied several times a day with no worry of any side effects.
  • Finally Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel is a 100% natural healing solution for any kind of muscle pain.

Polar Frost is a product of Al-Kamal Import & Marketing CO. W.L.L.