PENDULINE HAIR MASK, is The first mask introduced to the market designed specifically for kids, starting from year 1, with Ultimate Hydration, Ultimate Moisturization. It Provides deep moisturization and hair repair for damaged hair giving it the healthy look as it is rich in unrefined shea butter, vitamins and essential minerals. PENDULINE HAIR MASK Repairs chemically treated hair & controls frizz hair.

Main Ingredients

Shea butter, Argan oil, Rice Bran oil, Pumpkin Oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Panthenol, Hydro lyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Protein.

Method Of Use

  • Wash the hair with penduline shampoo, then take appropriate amount of penduline hair mask & distribute it evenly on the hair.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic cover & wrap it with hot water moist ened, cotton towel for 15 mins. Then, rinse the hair.

Penduline Product List

  1. Penduline Shampoo.
  2. Penduline Hair Mask.
  3. Penduline Hair Cream.
  4. Penduline Shea Butter Cream.
  5. Penduline Kids Hair Oil.
  6. Penduline Plus Hair Oil.

Penduline Hair Mask Is A Product Of Semak

Semak beauty of pure nature - Penduline Products
Semak beauty of pure nature – Penduline Products

Semak for cosmetics believes in spreading beauty. Semak’s principle is that beauty is a basic right that must be granted for all. Semak’s duty is to spread happiness & hope in this world. So, the question was where to start? Then, it hit us that it all starts in early years and early childhood.

Semak is the first Egyptian company established to target kids at very young age, starting from day 1 in some products. Semak’s products are 100% natural, safe & effective.

Semak company aims to be a market leader in the Middle East that offers the safest & most effective cosmeceutical products.

Penduline hair set is a unique, one of a kind promoting your kid’s healthy hair look and repair. The only set found in the market containing the 4 essential oils required for your child’s healthy hair growth according to the most recent scientific studies and researches. Penduline hair set is designed specifically to be the safest for your kid’s daily use. It is made up of 100% natural, pure ingredients without adding any chemicals or artificial coloring ingredients.

  • Name: Semak For Cosmetics.
  • Address: 64 El Tahrir st., El-Dokky, Giza
  • Tel.: 0237605907.
  • Phone: 01205914102
  • Hotline: 16659
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Semak.for.cosmetics
  • Instagram: Semak4cosmetics
  • Email:

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