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Nile Pharmaceutical Company established in 1962 by integration of some small national pharmaceutical labs owned by the private sector to be united under one big entity.

The company owns the latest production lines for manufacturing most of pharmaceutical dosage forms including Syrups, Large volume parenteral, the sterile area for production of lyophilized ampoules, lotions, dedicated facility for biotechnology “genetic engineering”, insulin-line and disinfectants line, and all production lines is routinely audited by MOH and is totally complying with the latest guidelines of “Good Manufacturing Practices” GMP with a good controlled environmental protection to cease the industrial pollution to the surrounding.

Nile Company exports a large number of its famous products to all Arab countries and to most of surrounding African countries.

Nile Pharma Company Profile.pdf – Download Link

Nile Pharma - Contact Information
Nile Pharma – Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Address: Al-Sawah square, ElAmeria. Cairo, Egypt
  • Phone: (202) 26023684
  • Fax: (202) 22561221
  • http://www.nilepharma.com.eg

Cairo Branch

  • Al-Sawah square, ElAmeria.
  • Phone:(202) 26023684
  • FAX:(202) 22561221
  • E-mail:info@nilepharma.com.eg

Alex Branch

  • Horeya road -3 ada street alexandria.
  • Phone:(203) 4821143
  • FAX:(203) 4839165
  • E-mail:info@nilepharmaeg.com

Assiut Branch

  • Helaly St omar ibn el khatab tower assiut.
  • Phone:(2088) 327940
  • FAX:(2088) 328413
  • E-mail:info@nilepharma.com.eg

Adverse Reactions reporting

  • Phone:(+2)226023647 Extension 1225
  • E-mail:Nilepharmaco@yahoo.com

Nile Pharma Product Catalog.pdf – Download Link

Product List

Respiratory System Products

Uniphyllin Continus Tablets 300 or 400 mg Theophylline

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