Maxical D Suspension (Vanilla- Banana, Flavour)

Each 5 ml contains:

  • 375 mg Calcium Carbonate. (Eq to elemental calcium 150 mg),
  • 207.25 mg Light Magnesium Carbonate (Eq to elemental Magnesium 50 mg)
  • 100 IU Vitamin D3.

Maxical D is Dietary supplement for Calcium, Vitamin D3 and magnesium.


Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, the usual dose is:

  • Children (6-12 months): half teaspoonful once daily(2.5 ml).
  • Children over one year: one teaspoonful once daily.
  • Adolescence and adults: 2 teaspoonful (10 ml) twice daily.

Precautions and warning

  •  Ingestion of Magnesium salts may cause gastrointestinal irritation and watery diarrhrea.
  • The intake of Calcium may influence the absorption and efficacy of some medicines (such as tetracyclines and quinolones).
  • Avoid overdose and prolonged use.
  •  For long time with high dose one should monitor Calcium content in urine and blood in order to avoid overdose.
  •  contrairdicated in hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria.
  • Occasionally; constipation may occur with high Calcium Carbonate intake.
  • Shouldn’t be taken for pregnant women or patient with hepatic or kidney disease, or with drugs contain Metronidazole, Disulfuram, Cephalosporines or Mashroom.
  • Have laxative effect in overdose due to presence of sorbitol.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Further Information


Carton box contains bottle of 120 ml tasty Vanilla- Banana flavoured suspension and insert leaflet.


Keep in temperature not exceed 30°C.

Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Maxical D Suspension – Arabic Information: ماكسيكال دي شراب معلق