Lebanon: Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries

Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries was established in 2009 by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Youssef as founder and Dr. Ruwaida Daham as co-founder of Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries. It is a joint stock company owned by a group of committed Lebanese and non-Lebanese professionals. The company started operations in 2013 with its first aseptic injectable manufacturing unit. Arawan develops, manufactures and markets critical care products, focusing on new generations of anti-infectives, blood medicines, analgesics, gastrointestinal drugs, oncology, anti-asthma, cardiovascular drugs, osteoporosis and wound management methods. Arawan’s markets extend beyond Lebanon to cover 20 countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Arawan Pharmaceutical Industries – contact information

  • Address: Jadra, Chouf, Lebanon.
  • Phone: 00961 7 996 002.
  • Phone: 0096 7 996 003.
  • Postal address: P.O.Box: 613 – Saida.
  • Email – general inquiries: info@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – Commercial Manufacturing: cm@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – investor inquiries: finance@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – HR inquiries: hr@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – Product Information Inquiries: pv@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – Training inquiries: hr@arwanlb.com.
  • Email – ideas and suggestions: info@arwanlb.com
Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries Lebanon s.a.l.
Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries Lebanon s.a.l.

Arawan Pharmaceutical Industries – Products list

LEBACEF( 500mg, 1 gm) I.M. Vial.

LEBACEF( 500mg, 1 gm) I.V. Vial.

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