Ketosteril®- slow the progression of kidney failure

Ketosteril is a dietary supplement often prescribed to patients with severely decreased kidney function (people with chronic kidney disease – CKD). Ketosteril works to supply the body with essential amino acids and at the same time contributes to lowering the levels of nitrogenous compounds in the blood (urea), and this reduces the burdens imposed on the kidneys to rid the body of these harmful compounds, thus contributing to slowing the deterioration of chronic kidney damage and delaying Or postpone the need for dialysis.

Ketosteril, is a dietary supplement, it is not a treatment for chronic kidney damage, and will not contribute to returning kidney function to normal, but will only help slow the deterioration or progression of kidney damage, and delay the progression of decline in kidney function to complete kidney failure that requires dialysis.

For best results, Ketosteril is usually combined with a diet low in protein content to relieve uremia symptoms, protect kidney function, slow the progression of kidney failure, improve metabolic complications and ensure proper nutrition.

Ketosteril Slows The Progression Of Deterioration In The Kidneys

If the patient is diagnosed with high level of urea in the blood (uremia), the doctor will advise to follow a diet low in protein content (for adults with reduced kidney function, the food should contain 40 g/day protein or less), along with other medications and nutritional supplements such as Ketosteril.

Ketosteril is a dietary supplement that belongs to a class called (denitrogenous analogs of amino acids), because it contains essential amino acids, but it is devoid of nitrogen. When a person takes Ketosteril, the human body converts these amino acid analogues, by capturing nitrogen from the body, and converting it into nitrogenous (essential) amino acids. able to build protein, and at the same time, since these isotopes use excess nitrogen, the kidneys do not have to work efficiently to excrete nitrogen-containing waste. Advance chronic kidney disease and postponement of dialysis.

In addition to using ketosteril, and sticking to a diet low in protein content, people with reduced kidney function should avoid some pain pills that may accelerate kidney failure, and blood pressure should also be kept under control and blood glucose level should be maintained. Under control if they have diabetes.

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What Are The Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease?

The kidneys are the filter of the body. The kidneys work together to purify the blood of toxins, and rid the body of harmful products formed during the food metabolism process. The kidneys clear or filter the blood and excrete harmful elements from the body through urine.

There are several reasons that can cause a decline or decrease in the functions of the kidneys, thus reducing the ability of the kidneys to rid the body of toxins and other harmful products, and this makes these harmful substances do not come out with the urine and begin to accumulate in the blood.

Urea, one of the metabolites of dietary proteins. Urea salts are one of the most dangerous compounds that accumulate in the blood if kidney function declines, and this accumulation causes a condition known as Uremia.

The decline in the ability of the kidneys to rid the body of waste and toxins, referred to as (chronic kidney disease or damage – CKD), is a condition in which the kidneys lose more than 80% of their ability and efficiency to filter blood, and rid the body of waste and toxins, and is a precursor to the occurrence of complete kidney failure that requires for Hemodialysis or a kidney transplant.

Chronic kidney disease or damage, is a progressive disease , it develops and increases over time, and there are several reasons that contribute to the development of (chronic kidney disease or damage), the most famous of which are:

  • Diabetes: Chronic high blood sugar, which characterizes diabetes, leads over time to damage to the kidneys, and this makes them lose the ability to work efficiently, and chronic kidney damage develops.
  • High blood pressure: Chronic high blood pressure disease, over time, leads to damage to the blood vessels in the kidneys, and this, in turn, leads to damage to the tissues of the kidneys, causing a decline in kidney functions and chronic kidney damage.
  • Genetic causes: These are very rare cases, in which the kidneys are abnormal since birth, or they may appear later in birth as a result of the formation of foreign bodies (cysts) on the kidneys, preventing them from performing their vital functions.
  • Tumors: which make the kidneys not fully perform their functions.
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, can affect the kidneys’ ability to filter blood as the disease progresses.
  • Blockages in the flow of the urinary tract, due to stones, tumors, prostate enlargement, or chronic urinary tract infections, all these factor that cause damage to the tissues of the kidneys, which over time develops into chronic damage to the kidneys.

What Is Uremia?

Uremia, a condition characterized by high levels of a compound called “urea” in the blood.  The percentage of urea present in the blood of a normal person is limited, and it usually ranges between 20 to 40 milligrams per 100 cm3 of blood. Since the kidneys are responsible for ridding the body of urea salts, therefore, an increase in urea salts in the blood (uremia) is evidence of a severe decline in the efficiency of the kidneys.

When a person consumes meat or other foods or drinks rich in proteins and amino acids, the body converts these proteins into useful extracts, which are amino acids, and gets rid of harmful elements, namely urea, through the kidneys. Urea can be defined as one of the final products of protein metabolism, which excreted from the body through the kidneys. Symptoms of advanced uremia include:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • hiccups.
  • Anorexia.
  • The smell of urine in the breath.
  • drowsiness.
  • Skin itching and yellowing of the skin.

Patients may also develop muscle spasms, mental disturbances and convulsions. If the condition is not treated, the patient will gradually fall into a coma.

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