Hipanthen Plus Cream

Composition Panthenol 2 %. Glycerine 10 %. Zinc Oxide 2 %. AlmondĀ  3 %. Chamomile Extract 2 %. Olive 3 % . Cetyl Alcohol 3 % . Description Hipanthen Is a unique formula for the treatment and prophylaxis of the most common skin and soft tissues disorders . Panthenol has strong healing revitalizing effect of tissues. And is easily absorbed- by the skin to make it soft and Healthy and accelerate healing of fissures and dry skin . Zinc Oxide has soothing & healing effect which improves healing of dry, irritation skin, it has also sun blocking properties which protect skin against sun bums. Chamomile extract has anti t inflammatory, astringent Effect, relive pain &has anti-pruritic effect . Chamomile extract … Continue reading Hipanthen Plus Cream