Habib Scientific Office – Marcryl Pharmaceutical Industries

Habib Scientific Office, (HSO) imports and markets some biopharmaceuticals, such as Fostimon, Merionl, Choriomon, etc . In 1998 (HSO) established Marcyrl for import and export, and in 2002 the construction of the Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries started.

Habib Scientific Office- Contact Information

  • Address: 16 Al Mosheir Ahmed Ismail St.,Square 1160, Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Official website: http://www.hsoegypt.com/hso/index.php.
  • Email: hr@hsoegypt.com.
  • Phone: 0020222678596 – 0020222678597.
  • Fax: 0020222660905 – 0020222678597.
HSO- Marcyrl
HSO- Marcyrl

Marcryl Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Marcyrl factory located in El-Obour City, Block No. 20005, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Phone: 0020246651641 – 0020246651642.
  • Fax: 0020246651650.
  • Email: marcyrl@marcyrl.com.

Marcryl – Pharmaceutical Products

TRIXAMARC ( 500mg, 1 gm ) I.V. Vial.

TRIXAMARC ( 500mg, 1 gm ) I.M. Vial.

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