Each capsule contains:

  • Bioflavonoids 100 mg.
  • Ginseng Extract 40 mg.
  • heat Germ oil 200 mg.
  • Safflower oil 300 mg.
  • Yeast Concentrate 200 mg.
  • Royal Jelly 90 mg.


  • Improvement of body resistance to environmental stress.
  • Micro nutrient supplement for normal individuals.
  • Improvement of physical and mental performance specially during strenuous, energetic or vigorous conditions such as studying, Intellectual work and sport activities.
  • Food supplement during weight loss, or in diet schemes.
  • Fatigue related to daily work, stress or anxiety.
  • Lack of concentration or memory impairment.
  • Exhaustion following infections and operations.
  • Loss of appetite.


  • Not recommended for asthma and allergy sufferes ask can cause sever allergic reactions.
  • To be usedwith caution in patients adminstration corticosteroids, in hypo or hypertensive patients and diabetics.
  • Note: The Capsules contain artificial certified color.


One capsule daily.


GR Six is a novel well balanced blend of natural micro nutrient ingredients. The six active components of GR Six are carefully selected so as to provide a balanced combination of well known vitalizing components, represented by Royal Jelly and Ginseng Extract, and components unique to GR Six among other biotonics namely the recently re-discovered essential micro nutrients: the bioflavonoids.

All ingredients are purely and completely natural and are absolutely free of any synthetic substances. As such , GR Six is a unique and total bioenergizer, biotonic and natural vitalizer for healthy as well as stressed individuals of various age groups and for both sexes.

Bioflavonoids: Citrus Bioflavonoids, formerly well known for their beneficial effects in decreasing capillary permeability and blood vessels’ fragility, are re-emerging after recent scientific researches as important and essential micronutrients. As natural antioxidants they work in harmony with vitamin E as highly efficient free radical neutralizers thus improving fitness and restoring vitality both to normal and oxidatively stressed individuals manifested as protection of the skin and blood vessels, decreased risks of cholesterol lipoprotein peroxidation, shielding against cell damage by extraneous environmental pollution.

GR Six. with its rich content of purified standardized Bioflavonoids, assures a good daily supply of Biofiavonoids both for healthy and stressed individuals who do not, or cannot, regularly consume adequate amounts of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Ginseng Extract: if is the purified and standardized extract of the roots and rhizomes of the korean plant Panax Ginseng, and is considered as a natural source of vitality, stimulation and fitness Its benefits are based on centuries of experience acquired in fareastem medicine and confirmed by current researches. The active ingredients are now made available by modern technology .

Wheat Germ Oil: A natural oil and the richest source of vitamin E , the essential nutritional element. Vitamin E is an efficient anti-oxidant , is involved in the normal functions of the gonads, as well as of the nervous and muscular systems, and, it is a recognized free- radical scavenger.

By virtue of its rich source of vitamin E,  GR Six is capable of neutralizing these damaging free radicals guarding against any decrease of the antioxidants bellow normal levels.

Safflower oil: A refined natural fixed oil rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. It provides high energy intake and assists in clearing circulating cholesterol in the form of its favorable unsaturated esters. It is used as a dietary supplement and for prophylaxis in hypercholesteremia.

Yeast Concentrate: Natural yeast is a provider of high quality proteins ( more than 45% ) in the form of essential amino acids. It is also a rich source of vitamins of the B-Complex group and of essential minerals and trace elements.

Royal Jelly: This Queen Bee Jelly contains a variety of amino acids, lipids . carbohydrates, vibrates, enzymes and many other essential trace components, the administration of which has been shown to rrstore vitality and improve mental and physical activity for both males and females. The accurately adjusted dose of Royal Jelly, in GR Six assures the fuLL benefit of this superior energizer without any undesired effects of excessive, un- needed, and more costly higher concentrations.

GR Six- Information Leaflet

GR Six -EN Patient Information Leaflet