Diabetron ® [gliceazide] – Oral Antidiabetic With a Vaso-Protective Effect


Each tablet contains 40 mg or 80 mg gliclazide.

Pharmacological action

Diabetron® is an oral hypoglycemic which maintains the blood glucose level near the normal values throughout the day, and prevents hyperglycemia.

Diabetron® takes it hypoglycemic effect through:

1-Pancreatic action which occurs initially by increasing insulin production from functioning beta cells.

2-Extrapancreatic actions:

  • Reduction of hepatic glucose production.
  • Potentiation of insulin action on target tissues.
  • Reduction of serum glucagon concentrations.

In addition to its hypoglycemic effect, Diabetron® has a beneficial effect on vascular complications caused by diabetes mellitus:

Diabetron® reduces platelet hyperaggregation and hyperadhesiveness, and restores the prostaglandin balance by increasing prostacyclin (vasodilator and antiaggregant) and decreasing thromboxane A2 (vasoconstrictor and proaggregatn).

Diabetron® normalizes vascular fibrinolytic activity and antagonizes vasoconstriction caused by adrenaline.

Therefore, Diabetron® has a beneficial effect on the prevention of diabetic micro-and macroangiopathy.


  • Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus which cannot be controlled by diet alone and/or accompanied by vascular complications
  • Diabetes mellitus in the elderly


  • Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Coma
  • Pregnancy
  • Precautions
  • Care should be taken in patients with severe renal impairment.
  • As with other hypoglycemic agents, care should be taken when using Diabetron® with anticoagulants. Hematological control should be frequent.

Side Effects

In rare cases, G.I.T. upset or skin rash may occur.


40-80 mg daily, to be gradually increased, if necessary, up to 320 mg.

How Supplied

Strips of 10 scored tablets in packs of 2 strips.

Keep all medicaments out of reach of children

Product of: AMOUN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. El-Obour City, Cairo, Egypt. ATC Code: A10BB09