Clearalique 2% Or 4% (Forte) Cream

CLEARALIQUE Cream is indicated for the gradual treatment of ultraviolet induced dyschromia and discoloration resulting from the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or skin trauma.

Dosage And Administration

  • CLEARALIQUE cream should be applied to the affected area and rubbed-in well, twice daily or asdirected by physician.
  • Skin bleaching is observed within four weeks or more after starting treatment with CLEARALIQUE.

After obtaining the satisfactory result, treatment with CLEARALIQUE should be continued with smaller amounts for a certain period of time as directed by the physician in order to keep this result.


  • Each gram of CLEARALIQUE 2% cream contains: Hydroquinone 20 mg.
  • Each gram of CLEARALIQUE 4% (forte) cream contains: Hydroquinone 40 mg.

Mode of action

CLEARALIQUE cream cause reversible depigmentation of the skin by inhibition of the enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine to 3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl) alanine (dopa) and suppression of other melanocyte metabolic processes Exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays will cause repigmentation of the bleached areas.


Hypersensitivity to Hydroquinone.


  • The cream should be tested on small area of the skin before starting therapy to avoid any hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Contact with eyes should be avoided.
  • The drug is not used for the prevention of sunburn.


  • Treatment should be limited to relatively small areas of the body at one time since a few of patients may rarely experience a transient skin reddening and a mild burning sensation which does not preclude treatment.
  • This drug should be used by pregnant woman, only when it is clearly prescribed through the physician.
  • Safety in pediatric patients below age of 12 years has not been established.
  • After bleaching and during maintenance therapy, sun exposure should be avoided by application of a sunscreen or sun block agent or protective clothing to prevent repigmentation of the bleached area of skin.
  • The treatment should not exceed 2-4 months.

Side Effects

No systemic adverse reactions have been reported. Occasional hypersensitivity (in the form of localized contact dermatitis) may occur, in such case the medication should be discontinued and the physician must be notified immediately.

Other Information


Store at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.


Tube containing 30 gm.

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كليراليك 2% و كليراليك فورت 4 % كريم – النشرة الداخلية

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