Bonjela gel- Antiseptic Pain Relieving Gel

Bonjela Gel is a potent analgesic for topical application against pain and infection in and around the mouth. It provides “target” therapy through a direct action of the local analgesic with good antimicrobial effect.

Bonjela Gel has surfactant and penetrant properties so that peak levels of salicylate activity are achieved locally within a short time of application.


  • Relief of pain and infection in and around the mouth caused by Herpes Labialis and herbetic lesions of the mouth.
  • Healing of abrasions, ulcers and irritation of the gum, palate, cheek, tongue and lips.
  • Treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis and glossitis.
  • Introduction of new dentures, denture sores, abrasions and dental extractions.
  • Treatment of aphthous ulcers, angular chelosis, traumatic ulcers of lips, erythema multiforme and lichen planus (buccal and nasal lesions).
  • Intant teething
  • Mouth abrasions and ulcerations due to orthodontic appliances as well as traumatised post-operative tissues.
  • Cures lesions of the nasal mucosa.

Directions For User

  • Adults: with a clear finger massage gently 1 cm of the gel to the tender, Painful area. The gel may be applied every 3 to 4 hours as required.
  • Children (4 months to 2 years): apply 1/2 cm of the gel and proceed as above.
Bonjela gel
Bonjela gel


  • Bonjela Gel combines local analgesic and antimicrobial action, rapidly relieves pain and limits infections.
  • Topical application is easy.
  • The pleasnt flavour of Bonjela Gel is well accepted by adults and children.
  • Bonjela Gel has considerable advantages from the point of view of simplicity and lack of side effects over other treatments.

Side Effects

For a slight burning sensation at the very moment of application; side effects have not been reported.


Hypersensitivity to salicylates.


  • Store at 15-30 °C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children

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