Bee Care Cream for burns, wounds and ulcers

Bee Care is composed of unique combination that is Used For Treating wounds, burns and ulcers. By creating a Physiological moist environment that facilitate Enzymatic Wound debridment, plus its anti inflammatory effect that Relieves erythema and edema and by its synergistic antiseptic action which keeps the wound clean and unsuitable for bacterial growth resulting in increase in wound healing speed and heals without or with minimal scare.


  • Surgical wounds from different origin e.g. Circumcision and Obstetrical
  • wound….. Etc: Diabetic foot, leg ulcer, pressure ulcer, bed sores.
  • Burns: Sun Burns. Cuts, scratches…..etc. Nipple fissures, Anal Fissures, Heals Fissures.


To be applied to a clean wound or burn area in a thin layer twice a day with or without dressing or as Prescribed by a physician.


(Bee Propolis, Honey, Calendula extract, Comfrey extract, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin C, Shea Butter, and Triclosan)

Side Effects

None has been reported.

Contra indications

It is contra indicated in cases of hypersensitivity to any of the components.

Other Information


  • Bee care is available in a tube of 30 g -60 g cream.
  • Store below 25 C
بى كير كريم
بى كير كريم
أسم الدواءبى كير كريم
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دواعى الاستعمالللحروق و الجروح و القرح
حجم العبوة30 جرام
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بى كير كريم – النشرة الداخلية


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