AQUAMOND Eye Drops: Your Solution for Soothing Dry Eyes

When it comes to relieving dry, irritated eyes, you need a trusted solution that provides effective relief. AQUAMOND, available as an over-the-counter product in your local pharmacy, is here to offer just that. This article provides essential information about AQUAMOND eye drops, helping you understand what it is, how to use it, potential side effects, and more.

What is AQUAMOND and What is it Used For?

AQUAMOND eye drops are a combination of three lubricants: glycerin, hypromellose, and polyethylene glycol 400. These ingredients work together to moisturize dry eyes and prevent further irritation. They are used for:

  • Temporary Relief: AQUAMOND provides temporary relief from the burning and irritation caused by dry eyes.
  • Protection: It also acts as a shield against further eye irritation.

Before You Use AQUAMOND


  • You are allergic (hypersensitive) to glycerin, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, or any other components of this product.

Take Special Care with AQUAMOND:

  • If you wear contact lenses, remove them before using AQUAMOND. Wait at least 15 minutes after using the drops before putting your lenses back in.
  • Ensure the tip of the container doesn’t touch any surface to prevent contamination.
  • Always replace the cap after each use.

Using Other Medicines:

If you are using or have recently used any other medications, including non-prescription drugs, inform your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist. Wait for 5 minutes before using any other eye medication.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

Consult your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist for advice before using AQUAMOND.

Driving and Using Machines:

No studies on the effects of AQUAMOND on the ability to drive or operate machinery have been performed. Some side effects may include blurred vision, which can impact your ability to drive or operate machinery. Therefore, avoid driving or operating machinery until your vision is clear and you feel well.


Always use AQUAMOND as per your doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions. If you are uncertain, consult with them. The usual dose is 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed.

Use in Children:

For children under 6 years of age, consult a doctor.


If you accidentally put too many drops in your eye or swallow the contents of the container, you may experience symptoms like lightheadedness, difficulty breathing, or a slowed heart rate. In such cases, contact your doctor immediately.

Missed Dose:

Do not double your dose if you forget to use AQUAMOND. Simply continue with your next scheduled dose.

Stopping AQUAMOND:

If you want to discontinue using this medicine, it’s essential to consult your doctor first.

Possible Side Effects

Like any medication, AQUAMOND may cause some side effects, although not everyone experiences them. If you encounter any difficulties, discontinue using the drops and talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Stop using AQUAMOND and consult a doctor if:

  • You feel eye pain.
  • Changes in vision occur.
  • Redness or irritation of the eye lasts.
  • Your condition worsens or lasts for more than 72 hours.

How to Store AQUAMOND

Keep AQUAMOND out of the reach and sight of children. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical help. Store it below 30°C in its original carton. Do not use AQUAMOND after the expiry date stated on the label and carton. If the solution changes color or becomes cloudy, refrain from using it. Disposing of medicines should be done according to proper guidelines to protect the environment.

Further Information

What AQUAMOND Contains:

  • Active Substances: Glycerin 2.5 mg/mL, Hypromellose 2mg/mL, Polyethylene glycol 400 11.28 mg/mL.
  • Other Ingredients: Benzalkonium chloride (as a preservative) 0.75 mg/mL, Sodium chloride, Glycine, Sodium citrate dihydrate, Disodium hydrogen phosphate.12H2O, Potassium chloride, Dextrose monohydrate, Sodium borate.10H2O, Boric acid, Ascorbic acid, Magnesium chloride.6H2O, Sodium lactate, Water for injection.

What AQUAMOND Looks Like and Contents of the Pack: AQUAMOND comes in sterile clear colorless eye drops in a dropper bottle. Each bottle contains 10 ml of the eye drop solution.

In conclusion, AQUAMOND offers a simple and effective solution for dry, irritated eyes. Remember to use it as directed, store it correctly, and consult your healthcare provider in case of any concerns or side effects. Your eye comfort and health are our priority.