Apple Lite- Dietary supplement during weight control programs

Composition: Each tablet contains:

  • Apple fibers powder … 500 mg.
  • Apple Pectin powder … 50 mg.

Indications: Dietary supplement during weight control programs. Dose:  1-2 tablets to be taken orally with water or chewed as desired half an hour before meal time to be repeated three times daily.

Apple Lite mepaco
Apple Lite mepaco

Precautions & Warnings

  • No health hazards or side effects are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designed therapeutic dose.
  • It is not recommended to use Apple-Lite below the age of 12 years old, nor during pregnancy & lactation.
  • Pectin decreases the absorption of lovastatin, carotenoids, minerals as zinc, copper, iron, calcium, and clindamycin, tetracyclin, & Digoxin.
  • To Avoid interaction, Take pectin two hours before or four hours after taking with other medication.
  • Keep all medications out of reach of children.

Pack & Storage

  • Box containing 3 strips each one contains 10 tablets & inner leaflet.
  • Store in a dry place at temperature not exceeding 30°C.
  • Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Produced by Arab company for pharmaceuticals & Medicinal plants (MEPACO – MEDIFOOD) Enshas El Raml – Sharkeya – Egypt .
apple fibers powderapple pectin powdermepacoA07BC01

Apple Lite- leaflet

Apple Lite – ENG-Patient-Information-Leaflet
AR- Patient_Information_Leaflet
Apple Lite – AR- Patient_Information_Leaflet

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