Anaflex Powder & Ointment – Antibacterial And Antifungal

Anaflex is indicated for:

Skin diseases:

  • Topical infections and pyodermatitis,
  • Infected and suppurating eczema, boils, abscesses and furuncles.
  • Dermatoimycosis, especially mycosis pedis (athlete’s foot)
  • Bed-sores, Varicose ulcer and chronic diabetic ulcers.
  • Acne vulgaris.
  • Intertrigo and ulcer cruris.

In surgery:

  • prophylactic treatment of abrasion, cut, impact and burn wounds.
  • for covering of the area surrounding purulent fistulae and phlegmasia.

 In paediatrics: Infantile eczema, impetigo and other forms of pyodermatitis.

In gynaecology: Prophylaxis and therapy of cracked nipples and mammary gland engorgement(mastitis).

Ear, nose and throat: External ear and chronic infection of middle ear with perforation.

Dosage And Mode Of Application

Anaflex ointment or powder is applied and adequate amounts and as often as required to the part of the skin to be treated, either directly or by means of a gauze compress.


Each one gram of ointment or powder contains: 100 mg Polynoxylin.


Bacteriostatic For Topical Application: All preparations of Anaflex contain as active principle polynoxylin which, because of the many free oxymethylene groups, strongly inhibits the growth of pathogens (Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms and also dermatophytes) or kills them.

Polynoxylin is also still equally effective when these infectious pathogens are no longer susceptible to  sulphonamides or antibiotics.

Side Effects

None known as yet.


Toxic or allergic reactions are not to be expected as a rule. The Anaflex® preparations are well tolerated even to sensitive skins.

Other Information

Presentation And Packs

  • Anaflex Powder: Container of 10 gram.
  • Anaflex Ointment: Tubes of 20 gram.

This Is A Medicament

Medicament is a product which affects your health, and its consumption contrary to instructions is dangerous for you. Follow strictly the doctor’s prescription, the method of use, and the instructions of the pharmacist who sold the medicament.

The doctor and the pharmacist are experts in medicine, its benefits and risks. Do not by yourself interrupt the period of treatment prescribed. Do not repeat the same prescription without consulting your doctor. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

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