Amovit C – Orange Flavored Effervescent Tablets


Each effervescent tablet contains vitamin C 1 gm (ascorbic acid).


  1. Cold, influenza and other viral infections.
  2. Increased vitamin C demand e.g., in pregnancy, lactation, burns, cancer, fever
    and heavy physical work.
  3. Vitamin C deficiency disorders e.g, scurvy, haemorrhagic tendencies and gingivitis.
  4. Reduced immunity.
  5. Different stressful conditions.
  6. Defective healing of wounds, fractures and ulcers.
  7. As an antioxidant to prevent premature aging of cells.


Hypersensitivity to ascorbic acid.


Because ascrobic acid is a strong reducing agent, it interferes with some laboratory tests based on oxidation-reduction reactions e.g., glucose determination in urine, so vitamin C supplementation should be stopped for few days before performing urine test for sugar.

Patients with kidney stones should avoid taking high doses (above 4g/d) of vitamin C for a long time as it increases precipitation of oxalate stones in urinary tract.


One tablet, to be taken once or twice daily or as prescribed by the physician – after complete dissolution in a half glass of water.

How supplied

Packs of 12 orange flavored effervescent tablets.

Keep all medicaments out of reach of children

Product of: AMOUN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. El-Obour City, Cairo, Egypt.