Alpha Kadol ointment – Chymotrypsin Complex And Phenylbutazone

Alpha-kadol ointment contains alphachymotrypsin & phenylbutazone. They are two locally extremely active anti-inflammatory agents. They act complementary to each other by a different mechanism. Phenylbutazone combats capillary vasodilatation, thus suppressing redness & hotness, the first two signs of inflammation.

Alphachymotrypsin, by its fibrinolytic action, disaggregates the fibrin network, this will lead to the removal of oedema which causes swelling. Thus, the pain due to irritation of nerve endings by oedema, disappears. By this complementary action, Alpha-Kadol helps to ease off the 4 main signs of inflammation.

The synergistic action of the two active ingredients in Alpha-Kadol is superior than the anti-inflammatory action of each component separately.


  • In traumatology: all trauma and superficial contusions: oedema, ecchymosis, hematoma, sprains, ligamentary elongations, torn muscles and post-fracturary oedema.
  • In phlebology: superficial phlebitis, varicose peri-phlebitis, post-phlebitic oedema.
  • In surgery: oedema and post-operative hematoma.
  • Cutaneous disorders: furuncles, anthrax, lymphangitis, adenitis etc…
  • Miscellaneous: burns, chilblains, insect bites.


Apply the ointment in small quantities two or three times daily, careful massage to the affected area.


Each 100 g contains: 2,500,000 U Chymotrypsin complex (endopeptidase natural pancreatic origin), 5g Phenylbutazone, 100 g Excipient ad to.

Contra- Indications

Acute eczema


Avoid the application over the open wounds & near the eyes


Tubes of 35 g. Keep out of the reach of children.

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