Alexandria Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries

The company was established in 1962 as Nassar Lab. then developed to Alexandria Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries.  Alexandria Pharmaceuticals has two Factories, one factory for production of pharmaceutical products and the other for production of adhesive tapes, plasters & sterile surgical gloves.

Alexandria now is an Egyptian owned state – joint venture Company, as 60% of its shares is owned by Drug Holding Company (Holdipharma), and 40% of the shares are divided between the share holders and the company’s workers.

  • Holding Company : Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Medical Appliances (Holdipharma).
  • Company name : Alexandria Co For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.
  • Main Address : End of a Gamila Bohreid road – Awayed – Alexandria – Egypt.
  • Legal Form : Affiliated Egyptian Joint Stock Company subject to the provisions of Law 203 For the year 1991.

The company is specialized in manufacturing of anesthesia carpools used for teeth surgical operations, as well as its exclusive production for medical supplies such as (surgical gloves, sterile gauze, medical adhesives, bandages and sterile medical appliances specially used in surgical operations) in accordance to the latest international specifications.

The company owns a specialized sterile production line for manufacturing of sterile drops alongside owing of production lines for most of the pharmaceutical dosage forms that manufacture a group of pharmaceutical products with high safety, quality and affordable price.

Alexandria pharmaceuticals
Alexandria pharmaceuticals

Alexandria Pharmaceuticals -Contact Information

The Main Branch

  • Alexandria, Gamila Bohreid Road – Awayed, in front of Al-Awayed Bridge
  • Phone: (03) 3302228/3315555/3312223
  • Fax: (03) 3302221

Alexandria Scientific Office

  • Alexandria Scientific Office: Address: Building Silsilah Tower – Azarita
  • Phone: (03) 4861920

Cairo Branch

  • Cairo Branch: Address: 4 Al-Sharekat Street, off Al-Saha Street – Abdin – in front of Abdeen Court
  • Phone: (02) 23904858 – (02) 23904761

Mansoura Branch

  • Mansoura Branch: Address: Talkha – Bahaa El-Sherbiny Division, Abdelghani Hamed Building, in front of Bahaa Mosque
  • Phone: (050) 2529692

Sohag Branch

  • Sohag Branch: Address: Al Zahraa, Muzdalifah Street
  • Phone: (093) 2308531

Alexandria Pharmaceuticals Product Catalog.pdf – Download Link

Product List

  1. Fluver: Flubendazole – Anthelmintic .
  2. Alexoquine (Chloroquine Phosphate)… Antimalarial.
  3. Glycodal Chewable Tablets – Antacid & Antiflatulent
  4. Minophylline 300 mg S.R. Tablets – Theophylline
  5. Pystinon 60 mg sugar coated tablets – Pyridostigmine
Alexandria pharmaceuticals
Alexandria pharmaceuticals

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