Al-Kamal Import & Marketing CO. W.L.L

In 1976 Al-Kamal company (at the time, Al-Kamal office) was established by Mr. Kamel Afifi. Al-Kamal’s mission statement is “To provide the Egyptian Healthcare Sector (public and private) with the best quality of products and services available either through local manufacturers or international ones”. Al-Kamal represent the top international companies dealing in healthcare products and services.

  • Established: 1976 as Al-Kamal Import office and took its current name and structure in the year 2000.
  • Legal Entity: Egyptian Company with Limited Liability.

Al-Kamal Import & Marketing – Contact Information

  • Head Office: 4 Misr Al-Taameer Project, Africa st., 8 th District, Nasr City , Cairo , egypt.
  • Mail address: P.O.Box: 5622 Heliopolis West- Code No. 11771 Cairo.
  • Tel : 00 2 02 271 6300.
  • Fax : 00 2 02 270 3131.
  • Fax : 00 2 02 270 2006.
  • Alex Branch address: 4 El-Seuf, Shama’a, El-Motaheda Co. Bldgs., El-Gamal.
  • Alex Branch Tel.: 00 2 03 501 3719.
  • Alex Branch Fax: 00 2 03 505 1893.
  • Mansoura Branch address: 4 Saber El-ashkar from El-Gomhoria Street , infront of Kidney Center.
  • Mansoura Branch Tel.: 00 2 050 226 8742.
  • Mansoura Branch Fax: 00 2 050 226 8742.
  • website:
  • Email:


LEMAKO factory is Al-Kamal own local manufacturing and packing factory in 10th of Ramadan city . LEMAKO is a medium size modern factory having the latest and most advanced filling and packing machines from the best appliers world wide. It is divided into two main facilities, a human facility and veterinary facility. The Human facility is specialized in the following:

  • Packing dry powders such as milk and baby food. Clients in that department include NOVARTIS of Switzerland with products like GERBER baby food.
    Also BABELAC with products like RITZINI, and powder milk such as MIRO.
  • LEMAKO is one of the only factories in EGYPT that does Nitrogen packing and is capable of very high production volumes.
  • The packing of food supplements capsules such as calcium supplements, Royal Jelly capsules and pollen capsules . The packing of these capsules are made according to excellent standards of hygiene & automation.

The veterinary facility of the factory is packing of Al-Kamal’s own veterinary for other suppliers of veterinary products (both powder and liquids). LEMAKO is ready to pack all kinds of powders for any supplier at excellent prices and perfect quality packing and in very short time. Also, LEMAKO is ready to packing of heavy liquids such as shampoos and detergents into bottles or small sachets.

Al-Kamal’s human section

Al-Kamal’s human department groups several great companies dealing in many products from nutritional to consumer products. The following are the companies and some of their products sold and distributed by Al-Kamal.

Abbott Products

  • Similac: This is one of the worlds few and most used baby formula’s in the world, It is sold through out the countries pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Ensure: This is an adult’s feeding supplement.
  • Pediasure: This is a children feed supplement.

Grunenthal Products

  • Tramal: One of the most widely pain killers in the world.

Trisa Products

  • Trisa: The world’s famous dental care products.

Fumouze Products

  • The laboratories Fumouze of France is a leading company in R&D in the field of clinical reagent, and laboratory chemicals.

MedPointe Products

  • This is a specialty pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company dedicated to making medicine better, by providing high quality presented drugs products include allergy / respiratory, pediatric and epilepsy / CNS therapies .

Al-Kamal’S Hospital & Laboratory Equipment

ABBOTT Diagnostics

ABBOTT, one of the biggest names in diagnostic equipment presents an array of products sold through Al-Kamal to Laboratories, hospitals, blood banks, and universities all over the country. The main products are :

  • Abbott Prism: Fully automated system for high volume blood screening laboratories.
  • Hepatitis Tests : Hepatitis screening and diagnosis test.
  • HIVI/II Tests: World’s leading test for screening and diagnosing human immunodeficiency virus.
  • AXSYM: Testing system combining continuous access, random access and STAT capabilities. Key test: infectious diseases, thyroid, fertility, therapeutic drugs, metabolic, cardiovascular.
  • Abbott Test Pack and Abbott test Pack Plus: Line of rapid, self-performing test used by physicians for pregnancy, strip throat and Chlamydia.
  • Determine : Line of self contained strip tests for use by a wide range of healthcare professionals. Key test: HIV. hepatitis and syphilis.
  • Abbott Diabetes sensors and Strips. (Medi Sense)

Tyco Healthcare

TYCO Healthcare, is a multi-billion dollar global leader in the healthcare products industry. Beginning in 1994 with the acquisition of the Kendall Company, it has become today one of the giants in the field with many products in many ranges, Al-Kamal represents: Mallinckrodt, Puritan-Bennett, Kendall.

Al-Kamal Import & Marketing CO. W.L.L
Al-Kamal Import & Marketing CO. W.L.L
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