Actnow capsules: Energizer& Biotonics with Antioxidants

Act Now, a food supplement in the form of oral capsules, contributes to combating fatigue and exhaustion, improves fertility, maintains the freshness of the skin and limits the problems of aging, and is useful during dieting to maintain the freshness of the skin and provide the body with the necessary elements. Act Now, to be taken only once a day, before breakfast.

What are the benefits of Act Now?

  1. Increase muscle effort, especially for athletes.
  2. Overcome physical and mental stress.
  3. Increasing the body’s immunity in cases of acute and chronic diseases.
  4. Accelerate wound healing and increase body immunity before and after surgeries.
  5. Accelerate the growth of body tissues and bone fusion in cases of injury, fractures and burns.


ActNow - diatary supplement capsules
ActNow – diatary supplement capsules

What are the components of Act Now?

Each capsule of Act Now contains the following ingredients:

1000 mg Royal Jelly – Royal Jelly is a general health tonic, combats the effects of aging, enhances the function of the immune system, and increases the body’s immunity against diseases.

250 mg Pollen extract – is a mixture of elements produced or collected by bees. People usually take bee pollen products as an oral supplement to improve endurance and athletic performance, fight aging, and as an appetite stimulant. But there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. .

150 mg Propolis: Propolis or bee-propolis is defined as a mixture that honey bees produce by combining honey and beeswax with pollen (the excreted material that bees collect from tree buds and other plant sources).

Wheat germ extract 100 mg (source of vitamin E) : Vitamin E is used to treat and/or prevent cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis, heart attacks, angina pectoris, leg pain associated with clogged arteries, and high blood pressure. It is also prescribed as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of diabetes and its complications. It is also used to prevent some types of cancer.

500 mg of ginseng root extract: Some studies indicate that ginseng (one of the components of the Act Now capsule) can be used as a way to improve mood, enhance stamina, combat fatigue,  erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms and other conditions. But the evidence for the benefit of ginseng in these cases is not conclusive.

Important disclaimer: The benefits of dietary supplements, including Act Now, have not been confirmed. Therefore, the benefits of these products are uncertain and should not be relied upon in the treatment of any condition. Act Now is a food supplement whose usefulness has not been established by well-defined studies.


  • Act Now capsules contain ginseng extract, so using Act Now capsules for long periods or in high doses may lead to: ❶ headache, dizziness, ❸ stomach trouble, nervousness and insomnia, ❺ breast pain in women, ❻ sometimes women may experience changes in the cycle monthly.
  • Do not take Act Now without prescription if you are diabetic, or if you are being treated with anti-psychotic medicines such as antidepressants and sedatives. Do not take Act Now without prescription, and you should tell your doctor that you want to use a dietary supplement and your doctor will decide the right supplement for you, the dosage and the duration of treatment.
  • Try to reduce your caffeine consumption (tea and coffee) during treatment with Act Now to avoid insomnia and sleep difficulties.

What do you need to know about Act Now?

  • Asthma or Allergies: Do not use Act Now if you have asthma or are allergic to bee products. This can cause some serious reactions.
  • Patients with hypotension: Royal jelly may lower blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already low, taking Act Now may lower it too much.
  • Royal jelly may increase the effects of warfarin (Coumadin, a blood thinner). Therefore, taking Act Now with warfarin (Coumadin) might increase your chances of bruising or bleeding. If you are being treated with blood-thinning medications, consult your doctor before taking Act Now.

Is Act Now useful for treating infertility?

Early research shows that using products containing royal jelly, such as Act Now, may increase the pregnancy rate in couples with fertility problems due to reduced sperm motility, but these findings need more research to confirm.

أكت ناو كبسول
أكت ناو كبسول

Does Act Now lower cholesterol levels?

Early research shows that taking products containing royal jelly, such as Act Now, might reduce cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol. However, this research is preliminary and its results cannot be relied upon.

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Act Now – Information Leaflet

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Act Now- AR- Patient_Information_Leaflet

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