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This form will help you get safe, effective and high-quality abortion pills, which is a combination of two drugs that work together to effectively and safely terminate an early pregnancy.


All information that is filled in this form is treated as strictly confidential. Information such as first name, telephone number, email and address may be required for the purpose of order confirmation and delivery.

Abortion Pills
Abortion Pills

Egypt: Access to safe and effective abortion pills, in a way that maintains your confidentiality and privacy, is now possible through Pharmacia – Simply use the form on this page.

Abortion pill – is a safe and effective way to end unwanted pregnancy early.

In Egypt, you cannot go to the pharmacy and ask for abortion pills. There are no legal clinics or hospitals that can help you terminate a pregnancy.

The biggest problem faced by women in Egypt is that when they try to buy abortion pills online, they only get misoprostol, which, in addition to its low success rates in early termination of pregnancy, can also be counterfeited.

The most serious problem that can occur is related to privacy and confidentiality. Egyptian society, including a large segment of the medical community, does not respect privacy and confidentiality. Women can in many cases be harassed later.


  • Efficacy: You will get the original abortion pill (two types of medication), which has a 98% success rate in early termination of pregnancy.
  • Confidentiality: All customer information is automatically erased every 48 hours. We do not share, sell or reuse customer information.

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